Treaty of Waitangi & Our Māori People

I’ve had the privilege of traveling to all parts of NZ in my old camper van, talked to people from all parts of the country, visited the Treaty of Waitangi grounds, talked to locals and elders and i genially believe the way we have treated our native people in our beautiful country is disgraceful.

See below a image how rapidly Maori Land Ownership has disappeared over the last few hundred years.


Below are my views & what i posted on social media earlier this month..


We wonder why our native people are angry and upset, prisons filling up with large numbers of native people, more and more drug abuse!! You only have to visit the treaty of Waitangi grounds, talk to the locals around that area and you can feel the pain and frustration of our people.

I know a lot of this is very very political now and it’s turning into a sad, shitty situation. In my eyes they’ve got a unjust deal and lot of this is stolen land… People don’t talk about this, we shy away from it and from the reality of the current situation.

We owe our native people a lot more respect and I can only hope that one Day things will change but with this system and political system I do have my doubts ✌️✌️


You can see more details in a article written by below.


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