Normal – What is Normal?

Normal?? What is it??

I had a friend of mine ask me this around a camp fire at the beach a few years back…. she put it to me she said ‘Wes what is normal’ at the time I was blinded with beliefs, i cracked up laughing and fell over in stitches because i thought it was funny.. over the last few years I’ve thought about it and it’s very valid point and an excellent question!!

Think about it….. When we’re born we are given a nationally, name, a birth number, often a religion and we haven’t even opened our eyes or had any say in this.. Is this what starts to make up our normal??

We look at today’s world and when you step back and look at the big picture you go wow…. Really is this Normal?? Or are we living in a world of illusions…


As humans of today’s world we are so conditioned…. We are more concerned about money, material things, what people think of us, fame, our ego and our own interests. We are glued to our smart phones or going shopping for the latest gadget or getting the next best/big thing to keep up with our friends, family or society’s demands. We live in societys which are becoming greedy, self-centred, disconnected…..

Everything we are as humans.. Our connection, compassion, understanding, empathy our feeling seems to be going out the window.

Meantime humans are getting slaughtered and starving all over the world, wars and genocides are still happening today. Humanity continues to make the same mistakes we’ve made over and over again… Will we learn or do we need to go to a higher state of consciousness to learn these lessons???

So many of us today are so quick to judge & never think to turn the mirror around on ourselves and look within and ask the big questions.. Who am I? Whats my purpose in this life? Where do I want to go? What’s my goal or vision?

Many of us in today are blindly stumbling through life with little knowledge of self, we have layers and layers of conditioning that has been built up over years since childhood that make up our world, reality or beliefs today.


Conditioning or programming such as, family beliefs, nationalist, social, business, religious, money, mainstream media, schooling/education list goes on… What happens when you strip all this back?? What’s left??


Is normal based off what you believe today?? Are these beliefs based off your upbringing, beliefs, your education, your friends views, your western views, is normal for you based off what society is telling you from the main stream media new’s, papers, radio?? I beg you to ask yourself the question…

One of the main problems in todays world is we don’t ask enough QUESTIONS.. We are taught not to question Authority….. So we blindly FOLLOW the crowds like heards of sheep….

I look around today and see so many of us living under and restricted by our close minded beliefs, are push and pulled my peoples opinions, we are self-conscious and worried about what people think of us and quite often we live someone elses life without knowing it because we have so little knowledge of who we really are..


One of the many gifts of travel I’ve found is you have time to think, feel, watch, listen to your emotions and you see things from a distance, you stop look within, you look back or reflect on your own life and you get to realise how many years you’ve wasted living under false beliefs, living under illusions, living someone else’s life, wasting time on small narrow minded things…

To try and break it down with this rational mind (which is difficult)…. All we really have is our time in this human body, a spirit, this planet earth that we live on, a purpose & and how we best spend our time to serve ourselves, others and this planet..

I challenge you to START asking questions, Don’t be afraid to CHALLANGE Authority.. Ask yourself.. What is my purpose?? How am I going to make the best out of this life??? What do I want to achieve in this life time??

Just a few thoughts folks…. Feel free to contribute to this article in anyway below 😊

Remember to Smile, Laugh & most of all Be Happy 🙂

Big Love

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