Medicinal Marijuana In NZ

Here in NZ we are known for our top quality Marijuana! And you want to know a fact 1 in 20 New Zealanders are now using Medical Marijuana

I feel we are edging closer and closer to it becoming legalised in this country, considering Canada has now legalised its and that a large number of New Zealanders are users of this herb it can only be a matter of time.

The insane thing is in our society’s today we pour Alcohol down our throats which is a poison and a acidic toxin yet a herb that’s been around for century’s with numerous and proven health benefits is illegal??!! Go Figure..! I guess the alcohol industry is worth hundreds of billions per year so they do what’s needed to keep this poison socially acceptable..


Recently i became an investor in the Medicinal Marijuana Industry right here in NZ. The company is called Greenfern Medicinal Marijuana Limited. Feel free to check these guys out, their vision, strategy and outlook for introducing this plant as medicine to our beautiful country is magical. Their Website:

This is something that i’m very happy to be a part of and looking forward to seeing this grow and develop over time in our country.

Lets step back and think about it for a minute….. This is a plant/herb that’s been around thousands of years has massive amount of health benefits and we are debating if we should make it legal or not!!??? says a lot about the societys we currently live in today..

Medicinal Marijuana is a large threat to the massive and hugely profitable pharmaceutical industry and has been, and is being supressed but I genially feel this herb/plant is the way of the future as long as this industry is preserved and protected.

It’s proven to kill and cure cancer, it’s had fantastic results with Parkinson’s, regulate and control diabetes, prevent Alzheimer’s, help with chrones disease and reduce anxiety is just a few of a very long list of proven benefits this herb offers.


That’s a wrap but i’m sure you can see I feel strongly about this so I had to at least write a post about it!!

Each of us has the opportunity and power to put our Money where the mouth is and be the positive change we want to see in the world today…

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