2020 Unfolding & Current Events

Sit back at look at the world today and go wow what a time to be alive!! All that’s gone down in the history of humanity has got us to this point today.

I write and share this all with you knowing and understanding we are all in a massive transformational time on the planet and things over coming time will be turned upside down and be exposed as we move through these times.

Find it baffling that still today we have to stand up and voice concerns that some human lives matter more than others. Our black brothers and sisters have been through over 400 years of racial abuse and suppression and still today in 2020 we are having to go out and prevent brutal forces taking life and displaying non-humane behavior against our own species. Taking the life of a man by kneeing on his neck in the streets in a public display has brought hundreds of years of sadness, suppression, anger, frustration and hate to the surface.

We have the WHO (world health organization) a completely corrupted and sold out organization giving advice to the masses about their health throughout a global pandemic. A force that sold its soul a long time ago and has some nasty agendas behind it.

We have governments all over the world who present parties that are nothing more than 2 sides of the same coin, puppet presidents fronted for them and the powers behind the scenes who don’t give a flying fuk about human life, human rights, the future of humanity and or sustaining life on this planet. These forces are there to enforce/maintain this current broken and unsustainable system that’s currently on it’s way out. These forces are there to serve industry, large corporations, bankers, powerful/greedy interests and a very small % with evil agendas. The very word ‘Gov’ern’ment’ itself means ‘control’ – controlling the narrative & the minds of the masses

We are operating under a monetary system (fiat currency) that’s nothing more than an illusion, numbers on screens and flimsy pieces of paper that only hold the power we give them in our minds. The fiat currently hasn’t been backed by anything since the late 1900’s and the money printing machines have been going faster and faster printing money to keep up with inflation. A recession or crash is arranged every 10-12 years to try and bring back some balance and history shows that in these times large amounts of wealth are usually transferred to the top few %

We have a man call Gates who’s giving out vaccine advice, pouring his wealth into a vaccine agenda with no knowledge, background or qualifications in health but a very very strong interest in world de-population and made his views and intentions on this very clear over time.

We have big pharma ruling and running our health systems around the globe. With their ultimate goal to accumulate more customers in the name of profits. NO not to create healthy humans with strong immune systems who know and are in tune with their bodies.

We’ve seen huge bush-fires in Australia – such a beautiful, special, ancient country, a country and people that’s close to my heart but got some very large issues facing it. The long running abuse and torture of their indigenous people, the racist underbelly that still runs strong today is nothing short of disturbing. It’s all so recent, raw and in some cases still ongoing and much healing and repairing is needed here as it is in New Zealand with our indigenous Maori people. I saw a map recently of where the huge bush fires broke out in Australia and many of them appeared to be centered around old aboriginal massacre sites and I found myself asking the question are these huge fires a clearing and detox of the lands which are currently sick??

I saw just in recent weeks an ancient indigenous site in Australia well over 46,000 years old blown up by a mining company named ‘Rio Tino’ in the name of profits… I mean really?? Are we still this numb and dumb today that we carry out acts like this??

Our indigenous people and ancient cultures are treasure troves of knowledge and wisdom, have known about this time we are moving through and spoken out about it for a long time. Look into some of the teachings and voices of the American Indians, The Hopi, The Mayans, The Egyptians, The Maori, The Aboriginal there’s soo much we can learn especially during these somewhat challenging times. Graham Hancock also has much info, teachings about these ancient cultures & exciting discoveries still being made around the globe today.

6 months into the year we’ve seen huge bush fires in Australia, a global pandemic and now protests breaking out all around the world.. What a year 2020 is and we are only 6 months in! Always felt strongly that 2020 would be a massive year and I believe that in this decade we’ll see changes in the history of humanity we haven’t seen in a long time so buckle up folks 😝

Despite this slightly negative rant and grumble about the world today through my eyes… Don’t forget… The power belongs to you, the power belongs to the people, it always has, it always will…. The time is coming when we all will come to this realization and stand up together as one human family, one human race. At this time, we will start to see some significant & positive changes for all life forms on this planet.

Until then my friends stay in your hearts, choose LOVE over fear and hate and enjoy the ride 🙂

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