Reflecting on a Decade – A Journey of Creating Dreams, Magic & Big Challenges

Recently as the world around us slowed down it brought me to a place of stillness & gave me time to reflect on the last decade of this lifetime.

I write this post not to inflate my ego or draw attention to myself but to simply inspire and uplift during these transformational and challenging times on this planet.

We all have our own stories and our own unique life journey but I’m going to share with you some moments from the last decade, in what has been an interesting ride.

The decade started as a 20 year old, fresh faced businessman with a solid work ethic and a passion for business.

In a brief summary of the journey in the business world was working for a company for 7 years before starting several ventures which led onto leading teams of people, completing multiple business restructures, turning a company around from the brink of financial disaster in addition getting involved in boards and committees well into the business world.

Was involved in a handful of sports teams, clubs, becoming a Rugby Referee in NZ making progressing into zone squads with a dream of becoming a international rugby referee before a number of factors brought that to a halt.

But I had begun to realize the business world wasn’t my cup of tea or where I wanted to be. So at 27 with a heavy heart, burnt out, mentally and physically out of balance sold up my personal stuff, packed my bags and walked away from NZ and headed off to explore the world.

Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia and Pacific Islands was all part of this journey where I met many amazing people and have had some of the best moments of my life.

After a year of backpacking, I was brought to an abrupt halt and was directed inwards to sort out my internal world. This led to embark on a healing/spiritual journey (which I’ll write about in another post one day soon).

Other special moments from this decade that stand out include exploring NZ in an old 1980’s Toyota van named ‘George’, going to a handful of festival’s in NZ, sitting in jungles with Shaman doing medicine ceremonies, adventures such as skydiving out of planes, jumping off waterfalls, exploring deep underground caves in NZ, motor biking Vietnam for 3 months, living in Melbourne, Indonesia & Thai Islands for periods of time, swimming with sharks, turtles, dolphins & manta rays in the wild, attending an international trade show in Paris, paragliding off the Swiss Alps, bus tour through Europe, drug testing Chris Gayle, roadie along Route 66, picking up the guitar after 13 years and starting to write some of my own music.

During these years I found love, lost love, experienced heart break and everything in between on a personal level.

From a dyslexic kid who was at the bottom of the class at school and who’s dealt with many health challenges along this path. I’m happy & satisfied with what’s been achieved. It’s had the highest of highs and the lowest of lows but wouldn’t change a thing from this decade of life…

Few life lessons I’ve learnt on this journey:

* Never let the past define you
* Dream big & never stop dreaming
* Never stop moving forward no matter the speed or how many times you fall down
* YOU are the creator of your own reality
* LIVE life fully
* Believe and Trust in yourself ALWAYS..

Yup it’s been a wild ride & I’m not sure exactly what the road ahead will bring but I’ll continue to follow my heart & dreams, living a full & courageous life speaking my truth. Spreading Peace & Love wherever these feet take me and trusting in the pathway ahead…

Huge thank you to all those people who have been involved in this decade of life whether we are still connected or not. During this time I haven’t always been easiest person and certainly had my fair share shadows & personal challenges I’ve had to face/work through and a heartfelt thank you to all those who stuck by me during these years.

My warmest regards, love and best wishes to you all on your own journeys…

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