Charity’s & Causes I Support

KyChange Project

The KyChange Project Indonesia is an NGO empowering women and children living a life of exploitation in remote villages of Indonesia. Founded by Kym Upton in 2016, it is a movement supported by volunteers and interns, creating opportunities to move people towards a life of self-sustainability.

The project is one of opportunity, empowerment, and compassion, creating a future for children, teen girls and mothers. A future aimed at shifting their social status from the lowest cast through education, nutrition and the teaching of vital skills.

Empowering women to provide for their families enables their children to be educated, impacts their life decisions and in turn prevents situations leading them and their children into further exploitation, such as sexual exploitation, forced labour and child marriage

Our two focuses are the training facility and cafe, and the sponsorship of the most vulnerable women and children in the area



The Global Village Foundation (GVF) is a non-profit humanitarian organization that serves the developing communities of rural SE Asia. We focus primarily on education, encouraging literacy and supporting local and regional arts and culture. We provide life lessons to local recipients and local and international volunteers through hands-on engagement at the grassroots level. GVF is a non-governmental, nonreligious, and nonpolitical 501(c)(3)organization based in California.


Regeneration International


In June 2015, about 60 people from 21 nations, representing businesses, the farming and scientific communities, educational institutions, policymakers and NGOs, convened in Costa Rica to draw up a blueprint for an international movement united around a common goal: to reverse global warming and end world hunger by facilitating and accelerating the global transition to regenerative agriculture and land management. Mission is to promote, facilitate and accelerate the global transition to regenerative food, farming and land management for the purpose of restoring climate stability, ending world hunger and rebuilding deteriorated social, ecological and economic systems. A healthy global ecosystem in which practitioners of regenerative agriculture land-use, in concert with consumers, educators, business leaders and policymakers, cool the planet, feed the world and restore public health, prosperity and peace on a global scale.


International Tribunal for Natural Justice


We are a dedicated team of people from around the world passionate to support natural justice. In that light, we have gathered to support the International Tribunal for Natural Justice (the ITNJ), which is a court for the people and by the people.

We have recognized that our governments, economies, and legal systems aren’t working. Most people, no matter how much or how little they know about law or justice, would agree the system is broken. We intend to fix it – passionately following a path of the pure-truth – knowing that Justice will be served by a truly independent Tribunal.



Defending indigenous rights to land, life and cultural survival in the Amazon rainforest

Our team is comprised of an international group of human rights lawyers, environmental activists, forestry specialists, environmental health scientists, filmmakers, journalists, anthropologists, and farmers. We live and work in the western Amazon.

Our mission is to support the struggles of indigenous peoples to defend their rights to land, life and cultural survival in the Amazon Rainforest.



Our mission is to help the disadvantaged in Bali.

Yayasan Solemen Indonesia (Solemen), an Indonesian registered non-profit Foundation, was formed in October 2010 to raise awareness and provide funds to support accredited agencies and projects for the disadvantaged in Bali. Solemen founder Robert declared his intention to be barefoot until SOLEMEN had raised one million US Dollars. The reason for being barefoot is “to be in solidarity with those who don’t have a choice to wear or not wear shoes”.

Solemen‘s first ‘awareness’ 535km barefoot walk around Bali was not just a ‘walk’. The Solemen held frequent health education checks and made presentations in schools, orphanages and villages together with a medical team from Anak Anak Bali (Bali Kids). The Solemen also taught the children to be aware of and how to clean up their immediate environment.

As well as raising awareness, we are now primarily focusing our efforts on helping cases of individual suffering in Bali, Indonesia. We are constantly looking for donations not just in monetary terms but also food, clothing, mobility/disability aids, sponsors and more. Please review our wish list to view what is currently needed.

We here at Solemen hope that you can help us help them as well as enjoying the beautiful island that is Bali.

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