Indigenous Wisdom & Messages

Mission & Calling

The mission at some stage in this lifetime is to set up a not for profit foundation/organization in order to create a platform to assist and help unite our indigenous, tribes, communities from all over planet earth to collaborate. For Indigenous leaders & communities to, discuss, assist each other and take valuable knowledge & information back to their tribes and communities around the world to help them stand strong and tall.

We have seen and are still seeing today a massive suppression, abuse and torture of our native and indigenous people all around the world. If this planet and humanity is to evolve, thrive and move in a sustainable way for future generations we must learn, unite, stand together with our indigenous people..

At this moment on this planet there’s a massive link missing in the chain, we see government leaders from around the world unite/gather each year share ideas, trade deals, agreements etc but where’s this platform for our wise old souls from our indigenous communities and tribes from around the globe??

We can’t afford to have this disconnect any longer and continue to loose this valuable knowledge and wisdom that our indigenous brothers and sisters have had passed down the generations and ages.

At this crucial and transformational point and time of humanity It’s time to come together, unite, stand tall and start working together. It’s time to unite our indigenous people from around the world to come together, unite and create a platform/space for this collaboration to take place.

My calling and burning desire is to create a platform where this regular gathering can be held in order for this much needed collaboration to take place..

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